... because it is all within your control.

Our mission is to empower you to find your unique strengths and use them to design your path to success.


... because it is all within your control.

Our mission is to empower you to find your unique strengths and use them to chart your path to success.



MPOWRUTM and its parent company, Great Governance Matters, are boutique firms that provide coaching and advisory services to individuals and organizations. We help you understand your strengths and empower you to create a path of success based upon your strengths and passions. Ultimately, we provide focus on the transformational journey to reach your goals.

Based upon many decades of experience and education, Rose Marie Gage (Rose) and her team of advisors facilitate the journey of your envisioned future with ease and preparedness.

We empower you to shine and guide you along your unique journey of prosperity.

MPOWRUTM is a branch of Great Governance Matters.

Our work includes coaching and consulting for both individuals and organizations. Here are some of the main features and benefits of the services that we provide:


  • MPOWRUTM takes a personalized approach focusing on strengths, proactive change and development.
  • We engage on the full spectrum of change: from personal to organizations, from small to large.
  • Our people have extensive knowledge and experience and our networks will enhance your options and opportunities.
  • Our efforts focus on strengths, boundaryless possibilities and their value in personal and organizational development.
  • The experience is confidential, customized and supported with experts who care.


  • Whether it is with MPOWRUTM or our parent organization, Great Governance Matters, we become your trusted advisors, helping you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of success.
  • We provide the knowledge and experience needed to transform with ease.
  • We support your goals for growth and success in:
    • Strengths based leadership and development
    • Communications and personal/organizational brand management
    • Risk-mitigated strategy development and management (personal & professional)
    • Thought Leadership
    • Change Management
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Strategic Networking
    • 2 AM ClubTM and Mastermind Development
    • We can provide one-one advisory or a team for added focus and sustainable long-term growth.

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